Polish kids experienced the most horrible aspects of WWII. A city of particular significance is certainly Łódź where the second biggest ghetto was established as well as the Kinder-KZ Litzmannstad, a concentration camp specifically for Polish Christian children.

Time has passed and the city is transformed and changed.

Poland is now a place of difficult memories and trauma for the people who experienced WWII but also a place of reconciliation and a safe port for other kids, the children of Ukraine who were displaced and migrated to Poland to escape the war in search of safety and a better life.

Through the voices of the former kids that experienced the war in Poland and the ones of the kids from Ukraine, the documentary will express the transformation of the city and the country from the location of the most horrible atrocities during WWII to a place of difficult memories and reconciliation but also a safe place for people from the neighbouring Ukraine, still forced to experience the war.

Through the voices of the kids and the memories of the survivors, the documentary depicts an original and untamed perspective on contemporary issues that have historical and human origins.


An in Medias Res Production
Producer Confronting Memories


Film Director
Stefano Di Pietro


Stefano Di Pietro
Kristina Smolijaninovaitė

Stefano Di Pietro
Ricardo Oliva Daza
Mikołaj Stroimński

Line Producer Ukraine
Gian Marco Duina

Line Producer Poland
Martyna Kacprzak

Claudio Gusmini

Color Correction and Color Grading
Amerigo Brini

Music Composer
Matteo Ruperto

Mix and Mastering
Kate Academy Studio

English Subtitles Supervisor
Martha Dunlea

Joanna Polodlska
Wojciech Górecki
Ireneusz Piotr Maj
Jerzy Jeżewicz
Andrzej Janicki
Kateryna Makusheva
Myroslava Volokh

Dariya Afanasyeva
Kamila Łabno-Hajduk
Anna Skiendziel
Chee Meng Wong


With Special Thanks to:
Marek Edelman Dialogue Center
Museum of Polish Children – Victims of Totalitarianism
Museum of Independence Traditions
Institute of National Remembrance – Łódź Branch
Complex of Technical and Secondary Schools No.2 in Katowice
Euroclio – European Association of History Educators

Naralia Boba, Marcus Chavasse, Siarhei Dubina, Jan Pabisiak, Jakub Parol, Liubov Shynder, Laurynas Vaičiūnas